3. und 4. September 2014
Lindner Hotel City Plaza, Köln

About BIG Data Europe

BIG Data = V³


  • Records
  • Transactions
  • Files


  • Batch
  • Real time
  • Streams


  • Structured
  • Unstructured
  • Semi-Structured

IIR Technology and BIG Data events go hand in hand: We organized the first European BIG Data Forum, which took place in Germany.

„Who is Bram Stroker?“ was the final question which in February 2011 turned supercomputer Watson into the winner of the quiz show Jeopardy! in a man-machine duel. The computer with its high computing power, fast analytical tools and 16 terabyte of memory didn’t give its opponents the slightest chance to win. The conclusion to be drawn from this very impressive performance: modern software architectures and tools are capable of reading, analyzing and evaluating enormous data volumes – BIG Data – in real time. 

The „BIG Data Europe” conferences offer exciting case studies of different fields of business applications for big data analytics. Learn at these future-oriented IT events how huge data quantities can be utilized to help your business. Get an update on the latest state of the art: follow live presentations of the most advanced and fastest tools and technologies for the analysis of big data and find the solution that will serve your business best.

BIG Data = V³

BIG Data fields of application

  • Business intelligence
  • Predictions
  • Mobile applications
  • Social networks
  • Internet of things
  • Location data
  • Retail and ecommerce

You will meet executives from the following fields

  • Business Intelligence
  • Controlling
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Information Technology
  • Data Warehouse
  • Databases
  • Data Mining
  • Data Science